Tower Climbing and Rescue: NATE Certification

VSI Tower Climbing & Tower Rescue Authorized Climber

VSI’s training programs have been developed in accordance with the guidelines set by the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard.

Our training programs have been designed to ensure that the student understands the proper techniques and practices to safely work at heights. By its very nature, this type training can be hazardous. VSI promises to ensure your safety is never compromised during training.  In return, we expect that students show up for training ready, both mentally and physically, to learn.  Adequate rest is important on the days we are training, and we expect students to be on time, each day.  This module will introduce the student to the world of fall protection. The student will also receive an introduction to the training program, the instructor, and their training provider, Vertical Systems International Inc.