Seismic Exploration

Vertical Systems International Inc. is a company dedicated to providing safety solutions to industries that have workers exposed to fall hazards and extreme conditions, whether in the wilderness or on industrial structures.

About our Team

At any time, VSI has up to 30 professional mountaineers, rescue technicians, rope access technicians and high angle instructors on projects worldwide.  All of our field personnel are trained in-house, then independently evaluated and certified with governing agencies such as SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians); ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides); the Canadian Avalanche Association; and the Helicopter Association of Canada.

About our Seismic Services

VSI provides an elite service to the oil and gas exploration industry, which we call “Heli-Portable Exploration Special teams.” These teams include Alpine Specialists who operate worldwide advising and coordinating¬†logistics to help oil and gas exploration companies operate in remote rugged mountainous terrain.

Our services include mountain operations supervisors, and client representatives, survey mountaineers, mountaineer survey layout crews, mountain rescue teams, helicopter rescue teams, mountain safety training, and equipment sales and support.