Rope Access

Rope Access is a form of work positioning, initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving that is applied to the various needs of industry. Vertical Systems International Inc. is able to provide specialist staff with solid experience in industry and working at heights.

The rope access industry has an exemplary safety record which derives from rigorous adherence to comprehensive safety practices. At VSI, safety is an integral part of our culture and company mission. Our Rope Access Technicians meet and exceed rope access industry training requirements. They continuously practice the art of rigging and working at heights. When accessing difficult work locations, rope access technicians use the support of two ropes. Each rope has an independent anchorage point. The worker’s ropes will have a failsafe descent mechanism. Each worker has been trained and has the proper self-rescue equipment to deal with any eventuality. To avoid falling object hazard to others below all secondary tools and equipment (e.g. drills, sealant, etc.) are attached by lanyards to worker’s harness. A minimum of two technicians is required for any job.

Rope Access Technicians are available for a variety of industries including:

  • Entertainment Industry
  • Utility Companies
  • Gas Plant turnarounds
  • Hydro Electric Maintenance groups
  • Remote Construction Projects
  • Seismic Exploration Operations

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