Working at Heights

Since the days of the construction of the Great Pyramids of Egypt, workers have been sent to great heights to complete their tasks. Until very recently, workers were forced to rely on their skill and determination to protect themselves from falls. Only in the 1980s did full body harnesses appear in industrial work places, and it was only in the 1990s that they became popular for workers.

Today, engineering and technical advances have made fall protection equipment easier to use, lighter, and safer. The vast array of equipment available can be overwhelming for the consumer. Some equipment available for specialized applications such as tower climbing may not be compatible with other types of equipment. End-users must ensure that they receive the proper training and fully understand the limitations of the equipment that they choose. No amount of fall protection equipment, regulations, or training will ever replace the need for good old common sense. Use the equipment but remember that it is only the decisions that you make while working at heights, in confined spaces, or in the wilderness environment that will keep you safe and ready to work for another day.

Remember: Safety First, Safety Always!