Tower Climbing and Rescue: Level II

Recommended for:

  • Staff who work in a limited capacity at heights on towers
  • Safety Professionals
  • Managers, Supervisors
  • Anyone responsible for the supervision and safety of others who work at heights on towers

Course Description

This awareness-level custom course allows you and your staff to learn the fall protection fundamentals that apply to your particular tower work situation. Vertical Systems International will work closely with you to identify and train your staff on the regulations, equipment use, and work procedures that only impact your work environment.

Course Objectives

This tailored course will meet fall protection regulations of the applicable governing body. Students will have an awareness¬†of training in regards to access, egress, and working on towers. Course details rely on your company’s specific work practices. Discussion on harnesses, connectors, and anchors will be included in this course. Students will be able to learn the specific regulations and fall protection equipment use at their specific work site.

Upon completion of the course students will have reviewed:

  • specific fall protection equipment use
  • anchors, connectors, and harnesses
  • applicable regulations
  • applicable standards


  • Length: One day (9 hours)
  • 1 instructor per 10 students
  • No pre-requisite required
  • An annual refresher is recommended