As well as providing production services, VSI can provide a custom rescue team for your company’s remote operation or industrial needs. Often when VSI climbers are on an inspection or production contract, these rescue services are supplied free of charge.

Each technician or team brings a variety of specializations to the job:

  • Medical – BLS to ALS
  • Avalanche Technician(s) – Canadian Avalanche Association Level I or II certified
  • Avalanche Rescue Dog(s) and Handler(s) – Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association Certified
  • Mountain Guide(s) – Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) Certified
  • Rope Rescue Teams – IRATA, SPRAT certified
  • Confined Space including IDHL Extraction Teams
  • Helicopter External Transport System Rescue Technicians

Please note many of our people are trained in multi-disciplines. Different combinations of certifications and skills among team members are possible to match your rescue and evacuation needs.