Fall Protection: Level II

Systems Training

Recommended for:

  • Construction Workers
  • Trade and Maintenance Workers
  • Safety Professionals

Course Description

Over 2 days, students will learn in a hands-on environment the fundamentals of working at heights. This course is appropriate for workers who have specific work tasks at height with permanently engineered anchors and protection systems. The fall protection training is in accordance with occupational health and safety regulations. The training also highlights ANSI/CSA regulations and recommendations. Using these regulations as guidelines, students are trained in the selection, correct use, and incorrect use of fall protection equipment and systems.

Course Includes

4 to 5 hours classroom training with audio visual aids covering applicable regulations and basic hazard identification; and
  • 1.5 days of field instruction on safe work practices, harness donning, fall protection system building, basic rigging principles, and fall protection systems problem solving.


  • Length: 2 days
  • 1 instructor per 8 students
  • No pre-requisite needed
  • An annual refresher is recommended