Survey Mountaineers

The key to the successful survey and mapping of your mountain Heli-Portable Exploration Operations.

VSI survey mountaineers will safely survey your prospect using the latest technological advances in survey instruments and methodology. The VSI surveyors will:

  • Survey terrain using industry best practices for mountaineering and rope access
  • Provide technical rescue for personnel in technical mountainous terrain.
  • Flag access around extreme terrain
  • Use the VSI terrain evaluation system to:
    • Assess terrain for both steepness to determine fall related hazards
    • Assess the terrain for surface roughness (how rugged the terrain is) to prevent slip trip and fall related hazards
    • Assist drilling and recording crew coordinators in determining how they will allocate personnel according to their fitness level and abilities in rugged terrain
    • Assist and advise with mapping and engineering to create hazard maps that are easy to read so that drilling ops and recording ops have a clear understanding of the related hazards
  • Select and construct helicopter landing pads.

VSI mountaineers are all trained in:

  • Advanced Wilderness First aid
  • Adult educational techniques
  • Field training techniques
  • H2S awareness
  • Defensive driving
  • Off road driving