Mountain Rescue and Helicopter Rescue Teams

Experts in Mountain Rescue, Rope Rescue, Helicopter Long Line Rescue

Because our survey and recording crew mountaineers work in such rugged terrain, it’s no surprise our mountain rescue capabilities are at a very high standard. In fact, VSI is so well known for its rescue capabilities that companies around the world hire us to train their personnel in technical rescue.

All of our personnel are cross trained in ground based rescue skills such as carry out rescue techniques and rope rescue techniques. We operate under SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) Safe Practices Guidelines for rope access and rescue capability.

Helicopter Long Line Rescue ( HETS)

In addition to this, we have engineered our own Helicopter Long Line Rescue Systems. These systems can turn a 4 or 5 hour carry out rescue into a 20 minute helicopter long line rescue extraction.

The VSI Helicopter rescue system is aircraft engineered and consists of a suspension system that is connected to the helicopter at two engineered points of contact so there is no possibility of accidental release while human external load is suspended from the long line. This system is used in emergencies only.

VSI provides this system to its own personnel when working in technical mountainous terrain however VSI will provide stand by rescue crews for remote operations in rugged terrain.

Low Impact Seismic Exploration

VSI offers a Helicopter and Mountain Rescue Service to oil and gas exploration companies who are doing environmentally friendly “low impact” seismic exploration jobs or “under canopy” work whereby seismic lines are not cut or are cut very narrow to reduce impact on the environment, save stumpage fees and reduce manpower needs and where heli pads are few and far between.

The advantage to having the Helicopter rescue system is as follows:

  • Extraction of sick or injured persons is done faster and safer. This means the patient get to the hospital faster and heals faster.
  • Because we are not carrying injured people in the bush on stretchers, there is less chance that there will be a back or lower limb injury to the rescuer(s) as a result as a result of carrying someone in rugged terrain.
  • Because you have helicopter rescue, there is need for fewer people operating chain saws cutting lines and heli pads, this saves manpower costs, hotel and travel related costs and gets the job done faster.
  • Because the extraction takes place so quickly, your crew get back into production quicker saving you money.


In summary, with helicopter rescue on your job you will get the job done faster, with less field personnel, spend less money on hotel bills, LOA, travel costs and most importantly the job will get done safer.

VSI mountaineers are all trained in:

  • Advanced Wilderness First aid
  • Terrain Evaluation
  • Helicopter Long Line Rescue
  • Mountain Rescue and Evacuation including rope rescue
  • Risk Management
  • Adult educational techniques
  • Field training techniques
  • H2S awareness
  • Defensive driving
  • Off road driving