Mountain Layout Crews

Fit, strong mountaineers who can layout, trouble shoot, shoot and pick up recording instruments in rugged remote mountainous terrain.

VSI mountaineer surveyors can remain on the job for the recording phase and layout, and to trouble shoot, shoot and pick up recording equipment.

Our recording phase mountaineers will have an intimate knowledge of the prospect, where the hazards are, where the walk-a-rounds are, and will know where to place heli bags of equipment so that the layout goes fast and smooth. Detailed layout notes will be passed on to the observers and coordinators so that there is no confusion about line geometry.


The end result will be that the layout will be done on time, on budget and without incident. VSI mountaineers are all trained in:

  • Advanced Wilderness First aid
  • Adult educational techniques
  • Field training techniques
  • H2S awareness
  • Defensive driving
  • Off road driving