Mountain Operations Advisors

Your key to making sure your mountain exploration operations are done safely, on time and on budget!

The mountain environment is one of the most complex environments to work in from a geographical and environmental perspective. There are many variables that have to be factored in to an operation to make sure it is done safely, on budget and on time. These variables include but are not limited to:

  • Weather
  • Terrain steepness
  • Terrain roughness
  • Terrain related hazards
  • Wildlife
  • Worker competency and fitness
  • Wildlife and Environmental Factors
  • Helicopter Safety and Efficiency
  • Equipment selection, deployment methods and use based on the geography
  • Rescue and Evacuation concerns

Our mountain operations advisors all have years of experience running remote exploration jobs worldwide, from the Jebels of North Africa and the middle east to Alberta, British Columbia, Utah and Alaska. Their expert logistical advice will help you:

  • Assess terrain to determine needs.
  • Manage and control personnel so that human resources operate efficiently and within their abilities.
  • Manage helicopter time so that costs do not “sky rocket” out of control.
  • Manage equipment so that the job is done efficiently and safer.
  • Direct and guide mappers so that terrain and environmental hazards are identified, mapped, and communicated to the necessary personnel.
  • Investigate accidents to determine the root cause and take preventative measures to make sure those accidents don’t happen again.

VSI mountaineers are all trained in:

  • Advanced Wilderness First aid
  • Terrain Evaluation
  • Helicopter Long Line Rescue
  • Mountain Rescue and Evacuation
  • Risk Management
  • Adult educational techniques
  • Field training techniques
  • H2S awareness
  • Defensive driving
  • Off road driving