Structural Inspections and NDT Testing

Structural Inspections

Our highly qualified rope access technicians compile surveys and analysis of corrosion protection, cables and ropes as well as inspections of all sorts of concrete and steel constructions. Rope access systems allow VSI Technicians to reach any point of a structure within a very short time, regardless of whether it is a vertical or horizontal situation.

We are able to perform a wide range of inspections, such as:

  • Sampling
  • Surveys
  • Surface temperature measurements
  • Coating thickness measurements on steel
  • Paint penetration method (crack-detecting)
  • Magnetic inductive tests
  • Video-telemetry

Non-Destructive Testing

Workers trained in rope access by Vertical Systems International Inc. can effectively reach inaccessible areas anytime, anywhere and perform a full range of non-destructive testing inspection procedures, including Bolt Torque Inspections, Magnetic Particle, and Radiographic Testing.

All stages of non-destructive testing inspections are digitally recorded and completed with a detailed report of the work carried out. With close visual inspection and video survey, get on top of your maintenance schedule by using VSI Rope Access Technicians to inspect your structures in hard-to-access areas. Regular visual inspection allows for better maintenance scheduling and budgeting. Video survey allows for a professional report to be generated.

Close Video visual inspections can be used on:

  • Building surveys – condition or baseline surveys, fault identification (e.g. cause of dampness)
  • Brickwork testing – permeability, compression strength, mortar composition
  • Concrete and mortar sampling and testing
  • Paint and condition monitoring

The major benefits of inspection using rope access techniques:<

  • It is less expensive in comparison to scaffolding
  • The working time is quick and flexible – we are able to work around production schedules allowing for no interruption
  • VSI employee’s are trained operatives offering a professional service

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