Seismic Exploration

Are you a Project Manager with a 2D or 3D seismic program in rugged, inaccessible, mountainous terrain? Vertical Systems International Inc. can survey, layout, trouble shoot, pickup, and provide helicopter long-line rescue service in any terrain.

VSI Rope Access Technicians are professional climbers who are highly trained and proficient in the use of double rope access technique. Our rope access technicians are able to reach parts of your seismic project that regular crews cannot. VSI climbers are competent in the use of a variety of seismic recording gear. 2D or 3D projects benefit from our rope access technicians being on site to provide crew training in mountain safety and rescue services.

VSI climbers are completely self-sufficient and able to rescue themselves and/or the client’s workers in the event of an emergency. VSI is able to deploy the H.F.R.S. Long-Line Rescue System if necessary in order to rescue its employees. By doing this we can effectively reduce a three-hour rescue to a 20-minute rescue. OSHA regulations specify that a risk assessment must be done in the workplace to determine whatever risks workers will be exposed to. Employers must be able to provide prompt rescue or their employees and/or the employees must be able to rescue themselves.

VSI Rope Access Technicians are Rope Access and Fall Protection Instructors and/or members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG). All of the climbers are trained in evacuation and rescue techniques and these techniques are reviewed and/or practiced prior to commencing work.

Standby Heli Long-Line Rescue & Medical Service for Seismic Exploration:

VSI’s Helicopter Long-Line Rescue teams can provide stand-by rescue and medic service for your exploration program. This system is specifically designed for mountain heli-portable programs in rugged mountain terrain where traditional evacuation methods and medical services will take to long or are simply not practical.

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