Helicopter Longline

Helicopter External Transport System – HETS

Let Vertical Systems International’s Helicopter Long Line Rescue teams (also referred to as Helicopter External Transport System – HETS) provide stand-by rescue and medic service for your program. Specifically designed for remote operations in rugged terrain, where traditional evacuation methods and medical services would take too long or are simply not practical. VSI has seen our teams perform for the last five years in a variety of rugged and remote terrain with great success in rescuing clients’ injured workers.

HETS is a tool that rescuers can use when they have done a risk assessment and have determined that realistic, conventional, ground-based evacuation techniques would not be sufficient in getting a worker with a life threatening injury to medical aid within the ‘Golden Hour’. HETS uses a helicopter and a long line along with various rescue systems components that are Ministry of Transport Canada approved (STC & LSTC) to place rescuers into and extricate victims out of technical and potentially dangerous environments. HETS can effectively minimize the risk to both victims and rescuers by reducing the amount of time they are exposed to risk and by speeding up the extrication process.

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