High Angle

Stand-by Rescue

Vertical Systems International’s Rope Rescue teams can provide stand-by rescue and medic service for your program. Our specialty teams have been used in a variety of industries where it has proven more cost effective to use the VSI Rope Rescue Stand-by team than for the primary contractor to train and equip their own staff for a rescue situation.

Our Rope Rescue Teams are IRATA and/or SPRAT certified and can operate in an IDLH environment. The client may also request VSI rescue technicians that hold additional specializations in:

  • Medical – BLS to ALS
  • Mountain Guide(s) – Association of Canadian Mountain Guides Certified (ACMG)
  • Confined Space including IDLH Extraction Teams
  • Helicopter External Transport System Rescue Technicians

Please note that VSI climbers and rescue technicians are trained in multiple disciplines. They hold various combinations of certifications and skills that can be arranged to match your rescue and evacuation needs.

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